Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Court Registry Investment System CRIS

June 20, 2012

Things are not what they appear to be in Court.  Does the Litigant have rights to review the CRIS account, or have a claim in recoupment on the interest earned from the CRIS?  See how the CRIS are Administered by the Federal Courts.  Even the Superior Courts, Probate Courts, Criminal Courts have CRIS and CUSIP accounts. 

Federal Court, Court Registry Investment System (the "CRIS")

JP Morgan is involved with every case

Reviewed Video   Bankruptcy Court Tennessee CRIS 

28 USC § 2041 - Deposit of moneys in pending or adjudicated cases

Federal Court (by region) will have a different Administration location, for CRIS accounts. 

For example. Iowa Bankruptcy Court's CRIS accounts are administered through United States District Court of Southern District of Texas.

The Mutual Fund where the court cases, CRIS, CUSIP, earn interest are usually located at Fidelity, or with the Government Accounting Series Securities under the Bureau of Public Debt's.  You can do an audit of your Bureau of Public Debt account, for the court case to see which party has obtained access to litigant's Trust account.

"Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) serves the federal Judiciary in carrying out its constitutional mission to provide equal justice under law. The AO is the central support entity for the Judicial Branch. It provides a wide range of administrative, legal, financial, management, program, and information technology services to the federal courts. " 


Judge Thomas F. Hogan, Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S.Courts 

28 USC § 2045 
By Mail:
Administrative Office of the United States Courts
One Columbus Circle, NE
Washington, D.C. 20544

By Telephone: Call the Public Affairs Office at the Administrative Office of the United States Courts at (202) 502-2600.

Rod Class FOIA Traffic Case 


Michael J. Anthony - Every Court Case makes money for the court through Federal Reserve


  1. does this apply to state court cases as well as the corp. states are franchises of the US Corp ? Or do state court cases get invested through each state treasurer ?

  2. TW, I think you are going off on tangent, try the head clerk's office for the FOIA. Every court should have an auditor as well.

  3. CREO- will do on both fed and state level. Did letter rog. to state court administrator and chief judge to pay taxes on the taxable termination of the decedent's estate per Keating, last year. Case is stalled for them since they don't now what to do. Will do some letter req. to the above re- the money made off the legal estate TODD... EIN 219-88-XXX and report findings to you. Also digging the IRS IMF (indiv. master file) since keaging went through an example a year ago of how they are liening up the estate of the decedent. They are all linked together. thx

  4. T- you are posting some very interesting comments, thanks for dropping us a line.

    - Decedent's Estate, taxable termination: did the FOIA with IRS IMF, no OID files for anything. Begs the question where is the tax filing? Yeah they never do file them, because we are all dead and lost at sea.

    - there are a few good templates on IRS IMF account FOIA

    - Roger Elvick was the one who came up with Original Issue back to source, then Jean Keating taught the info as well, You are right.

    - The Federal Level seems to think that the CUSIP and account should come from the state. We put a call into the Washington branch, for a Federal case and they didn't seem to know how to go locate the accounting.

    - Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552, et seq.

    - Remember, Letter of Rogatory is from one judge to another judge on the private.

    Great comments T, keep up the good work on the case.

    Cheers, Captain jade

  5. Hi Creo Harmony aka Jade.
    I am here today because I have been following so much so fast and am learning so much and am making great leaps of understanding. I have seen enough to say that life is and can result in so many changes and so quick which I don't mind one bit.I want to thank you for some of the information that I have gotten a better understanding of. I really would like to thank You for the time and effort that you put forth so others can get an understanding more specifically and get closer to the people that are willing to sacrifice everyday for the better of all who need the truth. Thanks Again and keep up keeping people keeping up with the best of it all Brett

    1. God Bless you Brett. Thank you for your comments.

      -Captain jade

  6. Hello Captain Jade/Creo Harmony,

    I just recently discovered your blog and am astonished to find such a mass amount of relevant and well structured information. It just so happens that I have a court case (traffic) coming up. I got the citation 4 days ago. I will add you on skype for sure. I am going to definitely let you know how the case goes. I have some questions but will only ask them after attempting to diligently seek the answers. I am in Michigan so if anyone wants to learn from my experience I will be happy to keep posted.

  7. vector999,

    Peace be with you.

    I'm also from Michigan. I would like to know what happened with your ticket case.


  8. thank you captain jade for all your efforts with research and informing the human kind