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First Edition – March 25, 2015
From:  The Creator
Copyhold by Author: Cynthia Maria Brewer

If you are seeking sovereignty, freedom and liberty, you must make a valid claim to it or someone else will usurp it.  This book is devoted to disclosing the hidden truths about the current social and economic conditions in our world as well as the cures as they apply to both the individual and the world.  It is a prerequisite for a future curriculum guide with examples, but includes enough for the learned to effectively construct their own claims.

We must examine the sciences as well as spiritualism to combine the physical with the metaphysical to understand the complexities of man and thus a valid claim.  We discuss how and why we all fell into the snares that enslaved and deprive the masses of our race and how to ascend out of it.  We briefly disclose how and why the moneychangers, statesmen, politicians, and courts are usurping the entire planet for private interests and power.  We must displace the inferior claims of right to (ab)use, control, (mis)direct and (mis)manage God's Gifts that are bestowed upon us all, as their own resources from which to control and extort others.

No other man has any Superior claim to that in God’s Trust unless you agree with him.  Your Innate and Inherent Birthrights and Noble Inheritance is bestowed upon you for your use, control, governance and management.  We are not challenging, but rather seeking to reconcile.  Acclamations of Life is designed to orientate man to his position in this world and his Life on Earth.  It gives him tools to make valid claims in compliance and accord with the Universal Laws and those made by mankind.  This book gives many solutions, insights, understandings and keys for reconciliation and recompense.

This book contains the missing pieces for the learned to be victorious in their endeavors; however, initiates may be left in need of a second book that is in the works now that this book is finished.  It is not titled yet because titles, just like truths, are transient.

With warmth and wisdom Cynthia Maria Brewer offers greatly needed, down-to-earth counsel on spiritual reading

As stated in the Book, your Donation is appreciated.

Click on the Link to download Book: ACCLAMATIONS OF LIFE  

From the Team - Thank you Cynthia for your beautiful gift to the Universe.

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Our Message Is Our Action - Boris Is Free

boris needs our help - our action is our message 

Author: Thich Nhat Hanh  


From times past to present date, we have not ask for donations for our work 

Friends, if you appreciate our work then i implore you to honor our work and donate to assist boris 

Do not stand ideally by as our brother, boris, is without the means to reach the outside world.  My heart goes out to all prisoners and their loved ones, kept against their Will in a Cell to be Charge on a Account ++  - + - for a Order that does not exist except to fabricate a false financial market   

We can show our support, go to
Thank you from all of us.

Your humble servant
I am
Captain jade, a wo(man).
March 20, 2015, A.D.

Thank you everyone who has assisted the Free Boris campaign! 

Boris took some time on TalkShoe to humbly express his gratitude to you and everyone else who contributed to his release; he also discusses some of the errors he's made and insights he got during his 10 days in solitary confinement. 

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December 29, 2014, A.D.


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Trust Course - Genoa Holdings

6 month Trust Course 

Genoa Holdings was originally an LLC that was obtained in a trade for services. Genoa Holdings, LLC is a company that is registered in New Mexico. However, it has been turned into a Private Membership Association for security purposes. 

The information taught in this association does protect your family and assets to a point where the attorney trying to rob your family just walks away. The trust structure and formation is unique and perfectly legal. This is not a ponzi scheme or any kind of fraudulent structure. The reason why it is so effective is because it is so honest in its application.   

The trustee for the Association has 25 years experience studying law and his trust is a member of the International Lawyers Association of the Reign of the Heavens. The trustee has built and re-built 7 separate nations and states and knows trusts very well. 

There will be other classes in website building and business structure. The first step is a revocable inter-vivos trust structure.

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Karl Lentz Transcript March 07, 2013

Karl Lentz Transcript March 07, 2013  
Transcript by: j_mark see linkee

 March 07, 2013  myprivateaudio by Karl Lentz

Who is this man or woman making a claim that i owe anything.

When they give you an assessment you have 3 days to respond.
Who is the man or woman saying I owe this?

 You establish proof you were trying to settle on the private side.
 Make a phone call and record it. Who is administering my property and by what right.

 Go to local district court and file a claim that someone is administering your property without any rights, since the US operates in all 50 states.

They're causing you harm and not only do you want your property returned immediately, you want a certain amount of money back for the aggravation of filing the suit to claim your property back.

 17:can u show me a benefit which i derived by intercoursing with them.

 Trespass against my rights

 25:im a man i have rights. They are the irs they have no rights, the are chartered, and ive never consented to give them a dime. Let them bring that fact forward that i did. They cannot say anything in common law court because they have no standing [Trinsey v Pagliaro case].

[ "An attorney for the plaintiff cannot admit evidence into the court. He is either an attorney or a witness", Trinsey v. Pagliaro D.C.Pa. 1964, 229 F. Supp. 647

Subject: Trinsey v. Pagliaro, 229 F.Supp. 647 - find that it is the Case cites Federal Rules Civil Procedure Rules 12(b) (6)  ]

 29: no man has the right to administer my property. Let that man come forward in court and testify that they do. They wont show up and you'll get a default judgment against them.

 Is this common law or civil. He said common law. The other side cant speak.
 Put in writing, you are aware that this is under the common law? And he'll say yes or no. of course he will say yes, esp if you put it in writing.

 You want to stand before him and recognize common law when you didn't put it on paper before hand; anybody tries to adjudicate this matter other than a trial by jury he is going to be held liable for any damage he is going to cause me without my consent, because the person in the black robe if he doesn't have consent from you to make a ruling he is going to be held liable for the judgment just like any other man would be held liable.

 Who is the man or woman that is ordering me?

I will be glad to do what you order and i'm going to charge a hundred dollars an hour.

 They're all private companies and have no authority over property that they do not have direct control over, and the lady that fills out the CAFR report said but they [the public] don't know that.

 41: i have a lien on all my possessions, its right here in my head. How do i know its true. Watch my lips; its true.

 49: terror-ism is to interrupt with the proper function of government. i am self governing so if you interfere with my right to self govern and you are trying to order me about or threaten me, that's terror-ism.

 57: you gotta hand it back to the person within 3 days and then on the 4th or 5th day file a claim against the prosecutors office for failing to file a claim that there is an injured party or which there is a breach of a contract.

 Argue: making things crystal clear.
 Argument makes it unclear.
 i don't use black's, i don't want to get into legalese. I want to stay in common law.

 1:20 if they fail to answer in 21 days write a warrant to the sheriff or US Marshall and they will drag him into court.

 1:21Once a man has spoken in open court under oath or affirmation its written in stone but while its on paper it never has the full force of law.

 1:25 its [the US] a nation not a country

 they administrated my property without rights. 'That's my whole lawsuit.'

 [he has 70 cats. Must be Leo rising]

 1:35 my mom has been doing this [IRS] since 1972.

 1:39 if somebody sends you a tax assessment or a claim that you owe some money they're saying you are a debtor, that if you don't pay this you are in debt because you are only in debt because you are only in debt because somebody is saying you owe money. So you say i'm a debtor? i'm indebted to you? Oh really. i have no rights because you say i don't have rights? You say i owe money? i am going to need you to come to court and swear under oath or affirmation that i owe money, and they can't do it. No public official can come to court and swear because they're a person they're not a man.

 The tax assessors Tom Jones is trying to administer my property without my consent.
What gives him the right to assess i owe a debt.

 Verifiable not verified. It has to be in the present tense.

 Anybody that puts a piece of paper saying pay me that money. Really?  What gives you the right to demand that money?

 You cant tell me what this property is worth. Price goes up and down tomorrow.

 I don't believe its a true debt. Only a man can say i believe.
 How is the county gonna show up and swear its true. Bob County is not going to show up.

 Citizen; civis; a member of a family.
 A nation is just a group of people.

 A draft is not conscription, its voluntary.

 2:02 your county court house has a warrant in debt. They have 21 days to answer. If they don't answer then take the WoD and get a Writ of  [sequestration?] or writ of attachment and the sheriff's deputy will execute the writ and seize the person's property.

 There's a person in another state interfering with my rights, that's when you go to fed court. 

 2:08 File it into district court of the United States, or they will presume you are a 14th Amendment citizen.

 Papal decrees surrounded by a red line, its their jurisdiction.

 Federal court is all courts in the country, federal district court means in your district.

 2:18 anytime anybody charges you something they come back to you with a criminal complaint, not a criminal claim. The jury is going to render a verdict, its an intaintment, not a conviction. A conviction is when you jump up in the middle of the trial and say 'i did it'. When a jury finds you guilty you are in-tainted and once you are in-tainted you have no rights.

They said you stole heirlooms. You demand a grand jury and then the grand jury is going to indict you. Grand jury works more under common law rules. That lady is going to have to bring somebody in to point across the room and say I saw her take them. And if you don't have somebody that has first hand knowledge as a witness, a 3rd party impartial witness, somebody who is not related to that lady, point across the room and say i saw you steal that stuff, they have no case to get somebody convicted in this country, to get somebody atainted, there has to be a witness with first hand knowledge and testimony who pointed across the room and say i saw here steal it. Your counsel was incompetent. Should have said where's first hand witness.

'Listen to the entire call  as this is only a partial transcript'

 March 07, 2013  myprivateaudio by Karl Lentz

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Sir John Dee Queen Elizabeth I and King James Bible

Sir John Dee (1527-1608) and Francis Bacon who were prominent advisors to King James I and Queen Elizabeth I. Sir John Dee focused on the area of Occult Magic

Dee and Francis Bacon, the author of 'The New Atlantis' were both instrumental in the production of the King James Bible 1611

Sir John Dee was an astronomer, astrologer, an occultist, and black magic expert, and in working for Queen Elizabeth I intelligence service as a spy-master. He was the original one called "007" and he worked for the Western Illuminati. Sir John Dee was a prominent member of The Worshipful Company of Mercers, which are Masonic Lodges by another name, led by a Worshipful Master. There are connection to Dee and Christopher Columbus.

Dee tried in his last 30 yrs of life to communicate with entities from another dimension, which he referred to as "Angels." He did that by learning a strange language called "Enochian"

According to Dee, he opened a portal into the 5th dimension and spoke with another race in that dimension. He discussed with them the problem with the Nefilim were having, and they agreed to help.

The entities in this 5th dimension told Dee that the only way these beings can escape into invisible chain/barrier around the Earth is through the use of pure matter. That  pure matter that they were referring to has to do with nuclear energy (in a different form) and afterward the heavy use of silicon will be required, and as a last step they mentioned the use of DNA.

These entities also said to Dee that in order to create pure matter, they will have to do things in reverse. First to create nuclear energy and only then to extract pure matter from it. (this last step is a very special process, it is believe still unknown to mankind today)

We all know by now what this refers to: the atomic bomb.

This information was pass to Queen Elizabeth I and down to the Nefilim. The Nefilim knew that human race at AD 1500 was not fully ready for this knowledge or industry to proceed with such an advanced task.

During the 1500s the period was famously named "the  Renaissance" period. We developed created professors super-astronomers scientists researchers advance medicine colleges universities and great learning centers

All this knowledge will now have to come into use in the Manufacturing field to actually build and manufacture badly needed critical parts and also to develop super energy sources and fuels to totally rebuild repair  replenish fuel supplies in order to have the physical capacity to break down the existing Esoteric Gamma-G barrier around the earth.

Yes! Again as far as this two hundred Nefilim group here on earth is concerned, this barrier must come down

thus for the chem trails in my mind...

The basis of the research is the foundation of Queen Elizabeth I empire King James I, King James Bible first Letter of Marque to loot and plunder distress vessel, effects earth beings

Bohemia seems to be where the dark occult magic transferred to during Sir John Dee's time

The hidden history of the kingdom, known as Khazaria. This Video features Islamic Scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein explaining the connection between Khazars & Jewish faith. 

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The New Frontier Discharge Reversionary Interest

Date: May 9, 2013
Speaker: Boris

Topics: Update Boris' Court Case, Big Picture of the System, Discharge, Reversionary Interest, Estate, INFANT, Person United Nation Protected Purchaser, UCC. Thank you Denny and Silvia for your research!

Boris' Notes:  

First off, no one is "accessing" any "estate". The financial markets essentially are clearing houses for "liens" ... those liens are placed against the "estate" of the INFANT, which is "represented" by that Name/NAME we all use. 

The (Capitis Maximus ) INFANT is presumed dead, thus the State is now "employed" to act as "conservator", investing and managing the "assets" of the INFANT, but forbidden to actually use those assets, but can "leverage" (license) them for "loans" which result in "maritime liens" against the "estate" under conservator-ship by the State who is also "guardian" of those "interests" or "estate".

A "contract", since all "title" and "consideration" has been "re-moved" from "circulation", now exists as a "trust" and only "interests" are "exchanged" ... it is who has what interest that determines the "taxable value" or "income" from the "transaction".

trust = contract
corpus = object of contract
income = value of exchange
beneficiary = one who should receive either corpus or income
trustee = one who should have gotten paid or representative of such
grantor = owner of contract because the "rights" revert to the "estate" from which they originated

estate = interest in property

property = registered infant

birth = the act of a parent in exposing an infant of tender years (usually under seven) in any place, with intent wholly to desert it. [Birth Record = abandoned infant]

the "presumption of death" serves as the means by which the State adminsitrates the estate under a conservatorship

the infant estate is always a ward ... it the terms of use one negotiates for a contractual nexus - that needs to occur
and in every contract, there are actually two trusts operating side by side as the trustee of one trust is the beneficiary of the second. People forget about this "duality aspect".

You see that word "revert"? This is an "interest" of the "estate" and according to "tax law"

According to 26 USC § 2037 (b ) the term "reversionary interest" includes a possibility that property transferred by the decedent:

(1) may return to him or his estate, or

(2) may be subject to a power of disposition by him,

but such term does not include a possibility that the income alone from such property may return to him or become subject to a power of disposition by him.

26 USC § 673 - Reversionary interests
(a ) General rule
The grantor shall be treated as the owner of any portion of a trust in which he has a reversionary interest in either the corpus or the income therefrom, if, as of the inception of that portion of the trust, the value of such interest exceeds 5 percent of the value of such portion.

Reversionary Interest Definition:
Any interest, vested or contingent, the enjoyment of which is postponed.

Seisin in law …."Livery" (or delivery) by "seisin in law" occurred when the parties to the transaction went within sight of the land to be conveyed and the transferor declared to the recipient that possession had been granted. This constituted however only an incomplete conveyance. (such as "birth event registration”)

The phrase "to sue one's livery" refers to the formal recognition of a noble's majority, in exchange of payment, for conferring the powers attached to his title, and thereby freeing him from dependence as a ward.

"Reversionary Interest" is the "payment" to be "exchanged" to "confer the power attached to the title" and "free from dependence as a ward"

For thus saith the LORD, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money. - Isaiah 52:3

Since the “estate” of the INFANT, the entity created during the birth event, has been probated, there is an operational presumption that "decedent" (INFANT) could return, and the possibility gives rise to what is known and described as "reversionary interest" and because the "estate" of that INFANT has been held under "conservatorship" of which the State is "guardian", all transactions regarding the "estate" result in a "de facto" (in actual practice and operation) "maritime lien" against said estate. Federal Reserve Notes are "de facto" or "in fact" maritime liens against the property and assets of the people of the nation. Don't take my word for it, go look it up. It is right there in the Treasury website.

The "stocks, bonds, etc ..." being traded as the people in these groups like to chase via the CUSIP crap, are actually the result of the "monetization equation" regarding those liens in order to facilitate commerce as those "debts" have never been settled. As such, those liens remain attached to a "decedent's estate" and the only way those funds are "released" is by either A) a death certificate is issued (IE: via war, which the "liquidation" of the "delinquent creditors"; the people) or B) the "purchaser" of those interests settles up, which is us when we use the name because now a 'living man' or 'natural person' is using it, thus is either "purchaser" or "de facto nominee over the executor-ship of the estate"; either way, the "lien" becomes due because of that "reversionary interest".

Once the "decedent" comes forth, or at least the one who "purchased" those interests, the entirety of the estate "reverts" to the "purchaser", including all reversionary interests, which amount to the right, duty, and obligation to settle those liens against the estate to release the assets contained within. It is that interest, reversionary interest, of which must be “assigned to and for the account of the United States” which will allow 12 USC 95a(2) to kick in and also cause the State to release the funds from conservatorship and credit the "memory" or "reputation" of SSN account so any "transaction" utilizing that account will automatically zero out; acquitting the debt (payment) and discharging the property from duty (under martial law) allowing the "law" to fall away.

This is akin to the little old lady who gave 100% while the wealthy businessman gave 10% and while his actual contribution was much greater in quantity, the little lady gave 100%, uniting all jurisdictions and fulfilling the law, thus she was becomes an asset in commerce (by allowing for the fulfillment of contracts) by becoming a liability in capitalism (resulting no sin/debt for monetization (to make one salt of the earth or merchandise (chattel property))).

Think Lot and his wife ... can you be "one righteous man"? or will you look back?

It is the "last jot and tiddle" so one can finally "escape" "purgatory".

The trees will yield their fruit and the ground will yield its crops; the people will be secure in their land. They will know that I am the LORD, when I break the bars of their yoke and rescue them from the hands of those who enslaved them. - Ezekiel 34:27

For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors - 1 Peter 1:18

Revelation 2:10 "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you a crown of life." Your wealth and your treasures I will give as plunder, without charge, because of all your sins throughout your country. - Jeremiah 15:13